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anarchism would literally never work in real life. people are not able to just live peacefully.


and “humans need to eat meat, cuz living vegan isn´t healthy” and “only men and women should marry each other”. I know all these stupid theories, you media infected kid. Before you start talking like this, you should look back in the history. 
Spain: 1868, anarchists rushed down the queen “isabella 2” and organized themselves. They formed unions alá Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) and Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI), they printed their own newspapers La Solidaridad. In 1 1/2 years the Spanish Federation had more than 1 million followers. Factories were self-administered, without bosses and it worked. 
Or in 1918 in the ukraine, the Machnowschtschina, self-determination of the peasants and workers tried in large parts of the country to realize anarchist society structures and it worked. Municipalities and councils were established to create a better life and it worked. 
Or the Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, since 1971 till now, people organize themselves and live happy and peacefully, without violence, racism or sexism. 
Look at all the squats worldwide, köpi squat in berlin, more than 60 people live there in one house, with a different skin color, other sexuality and it works, it fucking works since 24 years, without authority and leaders. A other life is possible and if capitalism ruins this world to an end, then I know that I lived free, a free spirit and a heart that beats…but what about you!? you are already born dead




It just makes me sick to my stomach.

"not all cops" but it ain’t about the individual, its the entire institution.

Yes. All cops.

Every single one of them. Fuck them all.


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